Our People

Winfield Sifton


Winfield is from the Sifton family that founded an empire in the Canadian newspaper publishing and broadcasting industry and renowned business enterprises. He attended Lakefield College School alongside European Royal families and outstanding Canadian business families, and received his Honours in Economics from Queen’s University. A Canadian citizen and Permanent Resident of the Cayman Islands, Winfield became a respected real estate developer who created and directed a conglomerate of international investment companies.

Jazeb Jones


Jazeb brings over 16 years of experience in operational and client development sectors, specialising in alternative investments, due diligence, financial modeling, and asset management. Since qualifying as a Certified Accountant in 2002, he has held a number of executive positions at various banking and investment institutions.

Matthew Ho


Matthew brings over 25 years of professional experiences in real estate and land developments, personal banking, and financial services. Matthew was a Sales Director for a Fortune 500 financial services company where he consistently surpassed sales targets. Matthew also has management experience services, specialising in a full range of operational and sales functions including leadership development, strategic planning and project / risk management.

Russell Chang

Senior Advisor

Russell brings over 22 years of management experience in financial services, specialising in a full range of operational and sales functions, including administration, leader development, strategic planning and project/risk management. With his marketing expertise and the ability to penetrate new markets in multiple countries, Russell has also held a variety of senior positions, including international business development and marketing roles.